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July 7, 2018

Annual Meeting of the Membership - Sunday, July 22, 2018

The annual meeting of the Capitol Division membership will take place on Sunday, July 22, 1:00pm, at DCFC's Forest Glen Fencing Center. Officers of the division will be elected at this meeting.

The nominating committee has presented the following slate of candidates:

Additional nominations may be made on the written petition of not less than two percent of the voting membership of THE DIVISION as of the close of the preceding membership year. No petition shall serve to nominate a candidate for office unless the original of all parts thereof is received by the Secretary no later than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the Annual Meeting.

In addition to the officers of the division, the Executive Committee consists of one representative from each US Fencing member club within the division whose membership, as of the first day of the membership year, consists of at least 5 members of the division. Club representatives are appointed by each member club.

The first Executive Committee meeting of 2018-2019 will convene at the close of the Annual Meeting.

Referee Training Supported by Capitol Division

The Capitol Division Executive Committee is committed to increasing the number of rated referees within the division.

To support this goal, the Committee has voted to reimburse any Capitol Division member's referee clinic fees and testing fees if they pass the written test and practical exam and successfully earn a referee rating. Travel and hotel expenses are not reimbursable, only the fees for the clinic and test. Verification of the rating earned and documentation of the testing fees should be sent to the Division Treasurer.

In addition, the Capitol Division will reimburse the $35.00 membership upgrade fee for new referees (and those who have just turned age 18).

Capitol Division International Competition Grants

For the 2017-2018 season, the Capitol Division is pleased to make international competition travel grants of $400.00 available to individual fencers who are members of the Division. These grants are being made to fulfill our mission, as outlined in our bylaws, to assist Divisional fencers to reach their full potential in fencing. These grants are available to reimburse expenses related to competing in cadet, junior, and senior US Fencing designated international competitions and at Veteran World Championships and to attending those same competitions as a member of the official US Fencing delegation.

Fencers are eligible for one grant per season. Grants are available for expenses not fully reimbursed from other sources.

In order to receive these grants, eligible fencers should submit the Capitol Division International Competition Grant Application to the Capitol Division's Developmental Committee with copies of all the relevant receipts. Reimbursements for expenses will be disbursed by the Treasurer of the Capitol Division.

Deadlines for filing applications for the 2017-2018 season:

Application and receipts should be e-mailed to or mailed to:

Capitol Division Developmental Grants

For the 2017-18 season, the Capitol Division is pleased to make developmental grants of $300.00 available to the member clubs. Member clubs are eligible for developmental grants every other season. These grants are being made to fulfill our purposes and objectives as outlined in our bylaws, in particular our missions to support, enhance and develop the sport of fencing and to assist Divisional fencers to reach their full potential in fencing. These grants should not be used for ordinary club expenses such as rent or US Fencing membership; rather the clubs should use these funds to enhance the experience of Divisional fencers in the spirit of our bylaws. One grant will be available to each club.

The list below gives a few examples of ways that these funds could be used. This list includes suggestions, but the committee is open to other uses:

In order to receive these grants, the club representative should submit a proposal on the Capitol Division Developmental Grant Application to the Capitol Division's Developmental Committee. The proposal will be submitted to the rest of the Executive Committee. If the proposal is approved, the club representative should submit receipts for the expenses covered by the grant and a check will be sent to the member club.

The grant application form and receipts should be e-mailed to or mailed to:

The deadline for grant application is June 15, 2018.

Minutes of the Capitol Division Annual Membership Meeting & Executive Committee Meetings

Capitol Division Rated Referees

Below is a list of the rated referees (from the Fencing Officials Committee web site) who are members of Capitol Division. Referees are tested and certified at levels 1 through 10, 1 is the highest level.

Division Officers and Executive Committee 2017-2018

Carole Jeandheur (
Arnold Wynn (
Bettie Graham (
Rebecca Chimahusky (
Members at Large:
Valerie Asher (
Aaron Ruby (
Raymond Finkleman (
Representatives of the member clubs
Jill Feldman, CAPITAL (
Xavier Jordan, CCFC (
Katelyn Keegan, DCFC (
Hunter Higgison, GWFC (
Aleksey Muravyev, INVICTA (
Joe Leonard, Jr., NCFC (
Gitty Mohebban, RIF (
Dyllis Liu, TERRAPIN (

Division Results at the
2017-2018 Summer National Championships and July Challenge
St. Louis, MO
6/28/2018 - 7/7/2018

Division I Men's Epee Challenge (A4 Event, 159 Competitors)

47.   HADDAD Justin R.
66.   SHELANSKI Isaac
95.   WILSON Sean H.
118T. NEU Matthew B.

Division I-A Men's Epee Championships (A4 Event, 197 Competitors)

29.   NOSIL Andrew S.
42.   REID Avo
63.   WHEELER Daniel
157.  HILBERT Xavier
167.  NEU Matthew B.

Division II Men's Epee Championships (B3 Event, 226 Competitors)

90.   VAN ALLEN Peter C
155.  WALTHER Bryan M.
164.  HU Evan

Division III Men's Epee Champtionships (C3 Event, 182 Competitors)

260.  HU Evan
159.  VAN ALLEN Peter C

Junior Men's Epee Challenge (A4 Event, 322 Competitors)

2.    WILSON Sean H.
25.   HADDAD Justin R.
38.   NOSIL Andrew S.
111.  HILBERT Xavier
130.  REID Avo

Cadet Men's Epee Challenge (A4 Event, 213 Competitors)

19.   HADDAD Justin R.
114.  REID Avo
208.  HU Evan

Youth-14 Men's Epee Championships (A3 Event, 254 Competitors)

250T. HENSAL Nicolas A.

Youth-12 Men's Epee Championships (D1 Event, 181 Competitors)

37.   HENSAL Nicolas A.
106.  CHAMBLISS Logan C.
168.  HILBERT Gabriel E.

Youth-10 Men's Epee Championships (E1 Event, 107 Competitors)

44T.  HILBERT Gabriel E.

Veteran-40 Men's Epee Championships (A2 Event, 55 Competitors)

8.    WHEELER Daniel
13.   DEUCHER Joseph H.
14T.  WAY Kashi M.

Veteran-70 Men's Epee Championships (B2 Event, 28 Competitors)

6.    PARY Theodore
7.    HENRY Mark R.

Division I Men's Sabre Challenge (A4 Event, 119 Competitors)

3T.   SOUDERS Peter F.
51.   CONTRERAS Alessandro
52.   LANDAU Nathaniel B.
75.   CAMPBELL Colin B.
85.   DEL VECCHIO Nicolas S.
101.  COHEN Samuel D.

Division I-A Men's Sabre Championships (A3 Event, 108 Competitors)

86.   KENNEDY Liam A.

Division II Men's Sabre Championships (B3 Event, 170 Competitors)

53.   MOORE Evan M.

Division III Men's Sabre Championships (C3 Event, 163 Competitors)

18.   BENAVRAM Lev C.
130.  MOORE Evan M.

Junior Men's Sabre Challenge (A4 Event, 227 Competitors)

5.    CONTRERAS Alessandro
41.   LANDAU Nathaniel B.
57.   COHEN Samuel D.
75.   DEL VECCHIO Nicolas S.
105.  BENAVRAM Lev C.
207.  RODRIGUEZ Desmond L.
209T. CHANG Eliot A.

Cadet Men's Sabre Challenge (A3 Event, 178 Competitors)

51.   BENAVRAM Lev C.
57.   LEE Kyle
87T.  CHANG Eliot A.
137.  OBERHOLTZER Daniel
161.  KENNEDY Liam A.

Youth-14 Men's Sabre Championships (B3 Event, 215 Competitors)

15.   BENAVRAM Lev C.
53.   HARGENRADER Kailen A.
59.   CHANG Eliot A.
63.   KENNEDY Liam A.
71.   MADDALONE Thomas
79.   SIMAK Joseph P.	

Youth-12 Men's Sabre Championships (C2 Event, 192 Competitors)

27.   SHERWOOD Hayden F.
74.   SIMAK Joseph P.
78T.  CHIN Matthew W.
84.   NAZLYMOV Andrei

Youth-10 Men's Sabre Championships (E1 Event, 100 Competitors)

47.   LEE Aydan J.

Veteran-40 Men's Sabre Championships (B1 Event, 15 Competitors)

11.   BENAVRAM Vincent L.

Veteran-50 Men's Sabre Championships (A2 Event, 37 Competitors)

18.   SRERE Mark A.
20.   KEEFER Philip E.	

Veteran-70 Men's Sabre Championships (E1 Event, 13 Competitors)

1.    PINKUS Larry M.

Division I Men's Foil Challenge (A4 Event, 130 Competitors)

112.  NDIAYE Edriss G.

Division I-A Men's Foil Championships(A4 Event, 142 Competitors)

45.   CHU Derek

Division II Men's Foil Championships (B3 Event, 223 Competitors)

32.   CABRERA Marco A.
65.   CHU Derek
177T. PAULSON Connor M.
205.  POPOV Jordan

Division III Men's Foil Championships (C3 Event, 206 Competitors)

132.  CABRERA Marco A.
149.  POPOV Jordan
151T. WEDAM Rohan F.
183.  SZEGO Bence P.
196T. RUSANOV Oleg
196T. ROZENTAL Robert

Junior Men's Foil Challenge (A4 Event, 251 Competitors)

31.   NDIAYE Edriss G.
121.  CHU Derek

Cadet Men's Foil Challenge (A4 Event, 258 Competitors)

67.   NDIAYE Edriss G.
219.  TIAN Aaron C.

Youth-14 Men's Foil Championships (A4 Event, 329 Competitors)

158.  TIAN Aaron C.
171T. PAULSON Connor M.
273.  ALLAMPALLAM Maanav V.
274T. GISLER Benjamin B.
297.  SZEGO Bence P.

Youth-12 Men's Foil Championships (C2 Event, 239 Competitors)

82.   LI Richard
126.  GISLER Benjamin B.

Youth-10 Men's Foil Championships (E1 Event, 152 Competitors)

21.   LI Richard
64.   TIKHAEV Alexander
119.  ORLOV Dmitriy

Veteran-40 Men's Foil Championships (A2 Event, 28 Competitors)

5.    SZEGO Levente
13.   WAY Kashi M.
24T.  RUSANOV Oleg

Veteran-50 Men's Foil Championships (A2 Event, 43 Competitors)

1.    DAVIS Don

Veteran-60 Men's Foil Championships (A2 Event, 31 Competitors)

6.    GROSS Stephen R.

Veteran-70 Men's Foil Championships (C1 Event, 16 Competitors)

15.   GOODMAN David

Division I Women's Epee Challenge (A4 Event, 101 Competitors)

16.   CHIMAHUSKY Rebecca
22.   SIRICO Amanda E.
66.   IGOE Nirali B.	
91T.  LAWSON Marie A.

Division I-A Women's Epee Championships (A4 Event, 129 Competitors)

30.   IGOE Nirali B.
40.   PYO Yunice
86.   TONG Sarah Shen
87.   LAWSON Marie A.
123.  GIFFORD Sally

Division II Women's Epee Championships (B3 Event, 159 Competitors)

112.  HENRY Asha S.
133.  REITINGER Emilie B.

Division III Women's Epee Championships (C3 Event, 173 Competitors)

111.  LAMBERT Rachel B.
146.  JEANDHEUR Carole A.

Junior Women's Epee Challenge (A4 Event, 217 Competitors)

84.   TONG Sarah Shen
89.   PYO Yunice
153T. IGOE Nirali B.

Cadet Women's Epee Challenge (A4 Event, 179 Competitors)

34.   PYO Yunice
70.   HENRY Asha S.
139.  TONG Sarah Shen
168.  REITINGER Emilie B.

Youth-14 Women's Epee Championships (A2/B3 Event, 172 Competitors)

33.   REITINGER Emilie B.
99.   HENRY Asha S.
102.  TONG Sarah Shen

Youth-12 Women's Epee Championships (C2 Event, 117 Competitors)

13.   JAKEL Sophia N.

Youth-10 Women's Epee Championships (E1 Event, 68 Competitors)

62.   JAKEL Alysa C.

Veteran-40 Women's Epee Championships (A1 Event, 23 Competitors)

1.    FOELLMER Kristin

Veteran-50 Women's Epee Championships (B2 Event, 46 Competitors)

10.   ASHER Valerie
31.   JEANDHEUR Carole A.
39.   GIFFORD Sally

Veteran-60 Women's Epee Championships (B2 Event, 31 Competitors)

30.   ALZONA Esperanza P.

Veteran-70 Women's Epee Championships (E1 Event, 9 Competitors)

7.    GRAHAM Bettie J.

Division I Women's Sabre Challenge (A4 Event, 84 Competitors)

5.    JOHNSON Honor B.

Division I-A Women's Sabre Championships (A4 Event, 87 Competitors)

74T.  MACE Eliza M.
83.   HOVERMAN Hannah A.

Division II Women's Sabre Championships (B3 Event, 121 Competitors)

65.   MACE Eliza M.

Junior Women's Sabre Challenge (A4 Event, 156 Competitors)

3T.   JOHNSON Honor B.
52.   ALLUM Isabel T.
100.  CANSECO Laura K.

Cadet Women's Sabre Challenge (A4 Event, 151 Competitors)

48.   TANG Annie L.
63.   NAZLYMOV Tatiana F.
89.   OLSEN Natalie J.
121.  HOVERMAN Hannah A.

Youth-14 Women's Sabre Championships (A2/B3 Event, 163 Competitors)

9.    NAZLYMOV Tatiana F.
19.   TANG Annie L.
81.   OLSEN Natalie J.
147.  RODRIGUEZ Colette O.

Youth-12 Women's Sabre Championships (C2 Event, 115 Competitors)

78T.  SHI Cathleen
89.   WEI Vivian W.

Youth-10 Women's Sabre Championships (E1 Event, 55 Competitors)

33.   HENRY Soraya S.

Veteran-50 Women's Sabre Championships (B2 Event, 26 Competitors)

2.    JERKINS Jayne A.
14.   FELDMAN Jill A.

Veteran-60 Women's Sabre Championships (B1 Event, 17 Competitors)

10.   ALZONA Esperanza P.

Veteran-70 Women's Sabre Championships (E1 Event, 9 Competitors)

7.    REICHMAN Marsha E.

Division I-A Women's Foil Championships (A4 Event, 86 Competitors)

47.   BARNETTE Zoe	

Division II Women's Foil Championships (B3 Event, 159 Competitors)

30.   RENTON Samantha
40.   BAROCHIA Meera

Division III Women's Foil Championships (C3 Event, 153 Competitors)

39T.  BAROCHIA Meera
66.   RENTON Samantha
133.  PARYAVI Fatemeh
141.  LAMBERT Rachel B.

Junior Women's Foil Challenge (A4 Event, 226 Competitors)

63.   BARNETTE Zoe
142T. RENTON Samantha

Cadet Women's Foil Challenge (A4 Event, 205 Competitors)

88T.  RENTON Samantha
162.  BAROCHIA Meera
186.  LIN Emma

Youth-14 Women's Foil Championships (A3 Event, 230 Competitors)

175.  LIN Emma
201.  KOROTCOVA Anastasia

Youth-10 Women's Foil Championships (E1 Event, 100 Competitors)

31.   SOLDATOVA Maria
47.   KAPUSTINA Arina

Veteran-50 Women's Foil Championships (A2 Event, 31 Competitors)

9.    MERRITT Elizabeth E.

Veteran-60 Women's Foil Championships (B1 Event, 18 Competitors)

16.   ALZONA Esperanza P.

Veteran-70 Women's Foil Championships (E1 Event, 9 Competitors)

5.    REICHMAN Marsha E.
7.    GRAHAM Bettie J.

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