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Capitol Division Results at the Veteran World Championships

American fencers won five medals at the 1999 World Veterans Championships, held August 20-22 in Siofok, Hungary, finishing third in the overall medal count. Capitol Division fencer Larry Pinkus of NIH took the bronze medal in the 50-59 Men's Sabre event. Kaz Campe of DCFC also competed in the Championships, placing fifth in Men's Epee. Congratulations to both of our World Championship medalists!

In Memoriam: Noch Hashiguchi

Noch Hashiguchi, a long-time fencer at Montgomery County Recreation Department and Chevy Chase Fencing Club passed away on Thursday, August 5 after suffering a stroke a day earlier. Noch, one of the oldest fencers in the Capitol Division, competed in many of the Summer National Championships in the veteran fencer events. He won several medals in the age 70 and above foil competitions. He was singled out at the Santa Clara Summer Nationals as the oldest fencer at the tournament and fenced in a demonstration foil bout against the youngest fencer, a 7-year old girl. It was a tough bout for them both, but Noch graciously let the youngster take the victory. och will be missed by many Washington area fencers.
- Ray Finkleman

Capitol Division Hotline

The Capitol Division Hotline is available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. by calling (301) 774-7777. After the initial message begins, press 3 on your touch tone phone to listen to announcements of upcoming Capitol Division competitions. Directions to competition venues are also available. Remember, this is someone's home phone answering system, so please call within the reasonable hours listed above.

Division Results at the Summer National Championships
Charlotte, North Carolina
July 3-12, 1999

Capitol Division members returned with 15 medals from the Summer National Championships. Congratulations to the following individuals that made the finals of one or more National Championship competitions. The number of medals is indicated after the name of the competitor.

James Adams (1)

Roland Breden (2)

Senta Breden (1)

Kaz Campe (1)

Jill Feldman (1)
Jean Finkleman (3)

Bettie Graham (1)

Bruce Milligan (2)

Evan Napala (1)

Larry Pinkus (2)

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